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Liberty Stands With You

Liberty Mutual is an insurance company that offers several different insurance products. They are a company with a long history and has been around almost a century. They are currently one of the largest property and casualty insurance company. They also rank highly in selling auto insurance policies. Specific products include: personal automobile insurance, homeowner’s insurance, workers’ compensation, commercial automobile, general liability insurance, specialty insurance, group disability insurance, fire and surety insurance. The insurance is sold through a bunch of independent but contracted agents. So, which products should you use? How do you compare Liberty Mutual products to other products on the market? In this review, we will compare the choices and see if any are applicable to you.

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance

Most people have auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. When dealing with auto insurance, you may purchase bundles, or you may purchase services individually. For auto insurance, you may opt for additional coverages. Some of the options are accident forgiveness, new car replacement, better car replacement, and deductible fund.  Accident forgiveness means you will not see an increase after one accident. This is not available everywhere though. For new car and better car replacement, they provide a new car if yours is totaled under fifteen thousand miles. The deductible fund rewards your loyalty in staying with Liberty Mutual. In addition, they also offer an insurance policy specifically for teachers. These unique benefits help set Liberty Mutual apart from the competition.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance

Liberty Mutual home insurance has a variety of features. They cover identity theft and inflation protection. There is also expanded coverage for unexpected circumstances. This includes theft, lost items, and property replacement. Life has unexpected events. You never know when a flood or earthquake will happen. It is also difficult to predict robberies. If you own a condo, you can buy insurance for your condo. If you are a renter, they also provide renter’s insurance. Life insurance options are done through an affiliate company. They offer many choices, including term, universal, and whole life insurance. One of the advantages of Liberty Mutual is the ability to bundle services. This can allow you to be fully covered and get discounts.

Liberty Mutual Small Business Insurance

Some different services that Liberty Mutual offers are a small business insurance policy, critical illness policy, tuition insurance. These policies can protect your school funds, business, or your family in the case of an emergency. While these policies may be overlooked compared to home and auto, but they are just as important to your quality of life. If there are other services you require, you may want to talk to a representative from the company. They have many add-ons and partnerships that may meet your needs.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Summary

This company has been around a long time and is considered financially stable. Liberty Mutual has significant market share of the home and auto insurance market. They also have a vast array of personal and commercial policies to meet your needs. Like other companies, there are several ways to glean information about policies. One way is to use their app. One unique feature is that you can call emergencies services from the app. You can also report claims as they are happening. The website is useful when conducting research on plans. They also have a lot of advice articles on insurance questions. Overall, this is not the cheapest option. However, customers seem very satisfied with the results. With so many solid choices, Liberty Mutual might be a good provider for you.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Consumer Ratings:

  • Price 6
  • Customer Service 9
  • Ease of Use 7
  • Stability 10

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