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State Farm auto insurance is a company most consumers are pretty familiar with. State Farm employs over 70,000 employees and 19,000 independent agents. According to the State Farm insurance website State Farm auto insurance insures over 45 million drivers! They also offer auto insurance in every state. So, why should you go with State Farm? How do they compare to other large auto insurance companies? They are composed of independent agents and groups. This differentiates them because their sales team are contractors. It also means their products may come with a premium. This is because their agents function off commission. Companies with a sales based model can often be more expensive. The advantage is that they are a large provider. This allows them to provide discounts, where other companies could not. Still, their sales model allows for standardization of services.

State Farm Auto Insurance Online Quote

The State Farm auto insurance website is reliable and they have service available twenty-four hours a day. Their claims process is fast and effective. As a customer, I have felt that my claims and general concerns were addressed immediately. They also have added services to your car insurance policy. This includes home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, motorcycle insurance, and disability insurance. Bundling all these services makes State Farm more competitive than other auto insurance providers at times. They have a sales pitch called the discount double check. This works by having an agent double checking your auto insurance policy for potential discounts to save you money. Still, your luck is typically only as good as your insurance agent. State farm is known for their transparency and does not employ deceptive sales tactics or include hidden fees.

State Farm Auto Insurance Premiums

How do their premiums vary compared to other companies? An auto insurance policy is often a mystery to consumers. When determining what you should pay, insurance companies calculate a variety of factors. Some factors include your vehicle make and model, your age, if you are married, your credit score, gender, and your location. This can seem random at times but can help your insurance provider figure out the risk of an accident. Unlike, some urban legends, having a red or bright colored car does not change your rates. How much you drive could affect your rates. Commuting, for example, is often more costly than occasional driving. Be aware that a ticket or accident can change your premium. Your premium is typically evaluated every six months.

For a company of its size, most customers seem relatively satisfied. There are relatively few complaints about their services. Due to their standing in personal insurance, they have more options than similar competitors. Many people prefer interaction with a sales person. If this is the case for you, this company for you.

State Farm Auto Insurance Consumer Ratings:

  • Price 6
  • Customer Service 8
  • Ease of Use 9
  • Stability 10

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