Progressive Auto Insurance Ratings & Review

We All Know, Flo. 

 You may remember Progressive Auto Insurance from their price matching commercials and now, we all know Flo. You may have wondered if their products were more price competitive or if it was a gimmick. Founded in 1937, they are a very large insurer of automobiles. Originally, their specialty was insuring drivers with high risk. However, over time, they insured a larger group of individuals. Still, auto insurance is really their specialty. Their main areas of coverage are commercial auto, personal auto and other insurance for indemnity. For auto insurance, they offer several different coverage options. Let’s explore these options and see if progressive auto insurance may be for you.

Progressive Auto Insurance Offers Tools To Save Money:
The progressive website states that there are many ways to save. These include bundling your car and home insurance. They run a program where you pay based on your driving usage. This differs from traditional auto companies because it is not based on your driving history, age, gender or other factors. This can offer significant savings for people who may have higher premiums. As advertised, they also have a way to compare the rate with other insurance companies. This allows for you to check for the cheapest prices, without having to call around. This is one of the greatest advantages because you can compare plans and see Progressive’s policy options. You can also pick a price you want to pay and they will show you what coverages are available at that price. This is very convenient because it eliminates any upsell for coverages you can’t afford. Lastly, they offer financing options for those that need help to afford their auto insurance. This option is rarer in the world of auto insurance and should be considered.

Customer Point Of View:
From a customer’s service standpoint, they offer useful tools to evaluate your options. Progressive is a very technology savvy company. A quote tool can help you price out the different choices in auto insurance. Their website is very user-friendly and it is easy to find the information you are seeking. Once you are a customer, there is a portal where customers can pay bills, and see the status of a claim. This is easy to navigate and beneficial for tracking your insurance needs. You also can report claims and track information through their mobile app. This can be handy when you are on the go or in an emergency.

Other Progressive Auto Insurance Policy Options:
If car insurance is not your only concern, they also offer other coverages. These include boat insurance, snowmobile insurance, travel trailer insurance, ATV insurance, and even Segway insurance. If you own a vehicle that is not a car, it might worth considering bundling these with your car insurance. If could be a way to get covered in case of an accident and lower your premiums for both. As stated earlier, bundling the insurance is also an option. They have third party companies that partner with progressive auto insurance. These companies offer homeowner’s insurance, mechanical repair insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, flood insurance, and life insurance. Bundling these options may save money and make the progressive auto insurance price competitive with more diversified insurers.

Using progressive as an auto insurer does have a few caveats. They were ranked lower in national surveys on customer service and claims. There also have been a few lawsuits from policy holders. If you are less concerned about price and more concerned about customer service, you may want to seek out a different provider. Still, this insurer offers a great value. They are also very stable and unlikely to go out of business anytime soon. If the price is your primary concern, you will be happy with this insurer. They offer great values and are an economical choice. In many cases, they might be the cheapest option in your area.

– Generally the lowest priced auto insurance option in your area
– Easy online quote options (name your price, competitor comparison and more)
– Transparency; compare their rate with other competitors on their website
– Flexible financing options, if necessary, for consumers on a budget

Progressive Auto Insurance Consumer Ratings:

  • Price 10 
  • Customer Service 7
  • Ease of Use 9
  • Stability 10



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