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Comparing auto insurance providers can be difficult. By focusing on e-commerce, esurance changed the old school auto insurance and auto insurance agent game. They really honed in on online sales, while the traditional model was brink and mortar stores. They may have changed their commercials, but they are still focused on innovation. Currently, they are centered around a concept called CoverageMyWay® . This is the idea behind the coverage is catered to your needs through online methods. With a focus on the customer, this company is able to gain a positive reputation.

Advantages Of esurance Auto Insurance

There are a few unique advantages to being an esurance customer. There are positions to be an environmentally friendly choice. They accomplished this goal thanks to paperless policies and billing. Like online billing, they also dominated providing online quotes. This gave them an advantage over their competitors. Since they got bought by Allstate, they have been able to expand their services and have greater financial security. They specialize in auto insurance, although they do have bundled services. Some vehicles type you can bundle is motorcycle insurance, off-road vehicles, boats, and other products. You may also bundle homeowner’s insurance. They also have flood insurance, which is great in a natural disaster. Lastly, they partner with outside vendors to provide life insurance.

esurance Auto Insurance Policy Coverage

So, what do Esurance policies cover? The policies include liability, collision, comprehensive, and emergency medical coverage. Other services are available. These services are worth checking out, including specialized parts and roadside assistance. If you are switching insurance companies, they might be able to provide a discount. Discount programs include giving five percent of new customers, a Pac-12 discount, and discounts from using drive sense. Drive sense is a program that tracks safe driving to give you a discount. Overall, the policies are fairly comprehensive. Still, you should always know what is in your policy. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask the Esurance representative for an explanation.

Esurance Online Auto Insurance Quote

Disadvantages Of esurance Auto Insurance

There are many advantages and a few disadvantages. One area of concern for some customers is that Esurance delegates certain policies to other vendors. Be careful of this when signing up for new services. The clear advantage of using Esurance is how much of their services can be done online. The web layout is easy to navigate. If you have any questions, you can search for it or call them. There customer service lines are prompt and available 24/7. This is handy, in the case of a claim. You can follow your claims and put in for a new quote. They also have a calculator for moving zip codes within a state. Another great feature is the repair view. Overall, their prices remain affordable, due to minimizing insurance agents. Coming in line with Allstate pricing, policies may go up. Still, they are in line with their competitors. I have been an Esurance customer for about three years. Overall, it has been a very positive experience. I have enjoyed the customer services. My premiums are at an affordable price. While they may not be the largest provider, they are able to meet the customer’s needs in the digital age.

esurance Auto Insurance Consumer Ratings:

  • Price 9 
  • Customer Service 6
  • Ease of Use 10
  • Stability 8

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