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You’re in good hands with Allstate.

A lot of online reviews tend to be negative, I think, because people who are disgruntled are more likely to post about it. I think it’s important to hear both sides of a customer service issue. I had a great experience with Allstate when I was in a serious accident. I was insured with Allstate when I was riding on a motorcycle with my boyfriend. We were driving carefully and there was almost no traffic on the road. As we were making a left turn, an oncoming car ran a light and hit us. We were really, really lucky we weren’t killed. There was a lot of chaos at the time of the accident, I was in the hospital for nine days and had surgery. The other driver’s insurance company, Mercury Insurance, was a nightmare to deal with. But there was never any question of whether or not Allstate would take care of me. They were responsive from the first phone call, to getting funds I needed quickly, to checking up when it was all over.

Allstate Auto Insurance Online Claims

It was very easy to file the claim online, Allstate’s website is well-designed and easy to use. As soon as you land on the site, it’s very clear where you need to click to find what you need. They also have phone numbers prominently displayed in case you need help. My parents, who are in their 70’s, had to help me get all of the information together for Allstate, and fill out the online Claim Form. Even though they’re older, they didn’t have any trouble with it. We did have a lot of questions – as a student on my parent’s policy, I thought it was going to be complicated. Allstate’s website makes the Claims Process really clear – you enter your claim on their Online Claim Form, and then you can follow step by step as it goes through the process. You can also talk to a Claims Representative at any time, and you can meet with your local Allstate Agency if you prefer to have someone help you in person. We had pages upon pages of medical bills, and my parents went to see our local Allstate Agent just to make sure they had everything in order. After that one meeting, they felt comfortable filing the claim online. They were able to call Allstate while on the website and have a Claims Representative there if they had questions. I was pretty surprised (and pleased) that they got it all done without me!

Since I was the victim and the other driver was at fault, we had to hire a lawyer and file a claim against him. It turned out he had very low coverage and his insurance company was going to fight the claim every step of the way. My attorney said I wouldn’t see any money for a year. I had a severely broken leg, and I was going to be in a wheelchair for a few months and had to take six months off work.

Once the Claim was filed online, we could see that the medical bills and expenses were really adding up. That’s when being able to reach a Claims Adjuster by phone was really helpful. I had a lot of questions – how much was our policy? What was covered? Did we have to wait until all of the bills came in before getting a payment from Allstate? I had rent to pay, and was kind of freaking out. When we spoke to our Claims Adjuster at Allstate, he went over the coverage we had. It wasn’t a lot, just the Personal Injury amount on our car insurance. I had health insurance, but had no idea how I was going to live while out of work. Then our Agent told us my parents’ policy had Underinsured Driver’s Coverage, which I had never heard of. It covers you when someone hits you that has insurance and their policy isn’t large enough. (It’s different from Uninsured Driver’s Coverage, which covers you if the other driver has NO insurance.) This was an extra service on the policy that my parents had added on the advice of their Allstate Agent. To make a long story short, the Underinsured Driver’s coverage was $25,000. It was enough to cover my living expenses for the six months I couldn’t work, and even helped me finish my last year of college debt free.


Allstate Auto Insurance Overall

I can’t say enough about how helpful Allstate was at the time. I was in a hospital bed contemplating major surgery (not to mention in a fog from the painkillers) and could barely think straight. My elderly parents had to worry about me and handle all of the bills and paperwork. Allstate took care of everything – communicating with my family and attorney immediately, explaining the coverage we had, and getting the payment to us quickly. I don’t think it was more than ten days between the accident and receiving a check from Allstate. I was released from the hospital on day nine after the accident, and I think it was the next day I went to sign for the check. That check for Underinsured Driver’s Coverage was like a miracle. I wasn’t expecting it, but Allstate coverage saved the day. It was fantastic advice from our family’s Allstate agent to add that coverage to our policy. Having the right kind of coverage, and having enough coverage when you need it, is what you rely on an insurance agent for. But being well-insured isn’t worth much if your insurance company won’t pay a claim, or gives you hard time, dragging it out and adding to your stress. I’ve been a fan of Allstate ever since, and I’m always happy to share why. I know when you go to buy insurance, sometimes it feels like the agent is just trying to sell you more options – but Allstate agents give great advice. If they hadn’t advised us to get that extra coverage the outcome would have been totally different.


Allstate Auto Insurance Consumer Ratings:

  • Price 7
  • Customer Service 10
  • Ease of Use 10
  • Stability 10

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